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July 10, 2017
The (Real) Power 50 of 2015

EquiBrand consultants are very well outfitted using the analytical discipline, managing abilities and creativeness to provide fully integrated market-based solutions.

We notice that clients don’t hire talking to firms, they hire those who comprise the firm.

Habits we make sure that our teams are staffed with individuals you’ll look for a pleasure to utilize those who have experience both as consultants and industry professionals.

EquiBrand’s leadership team signifies three core skills we effectively blend on every project:

  1. Fact-based, analytical energy usual for traditional management talking to firms
  2. Customer experience and creativeness, in line with agency skills and
  3. Operational and P&L orientation, common in top-tier brand management companies

This guarantees fully integrated, actionable solutions emerge. So, marketing research reviews understand into creative plans (versus. winding up with an office shelf). Brand methods are associated with business procedures. Functional objectives and methods are aligned.

Tim KoelzerWhen looking at leadership team bios, note the mixing of strategy talking to, agency, and brand management skills, that are introduced together on every talking to assignment:

EquiBrand Leadership Team

Tim KoelzerManaging Partner

Tim Koelzer can serve as EquiBrand’s controlling partner and is an expert in assisting senior professionals and marketing leaders smartly boost their companies and types. Tim is experienced in brand strategy, innovation and inbound marketing management.

Kristin Kurth comes with an accomplished career in marketing, brand building, communications and style. Her perspective develops from a background that spans an array of industries, across consumer and business-to-business groups.

Chris Rei is really a deeply experienced marketing professional having a consistent record of results, building emerging and mature companies within start-ups to Fortune 500 companies serving both in talking to roles and executive management positions.

An essential point: when thinking about an administration talking to firm, make sure to evaluate the bios of key talking to team people. When the consultants’ education and experience favors art direction or copy writing, there's a high probability the marketing “solution” calls for a brand new logo design, an advertisement, or any other similar output.

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Brand Strategy Consultancy (1)
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