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March 12, 2016
HCAD Appraisal Increases for

HCAD Appraisal Increases for 2014 in Houston AreaConsidering filing a house tax protest? Reviews suggest 2014 could see among the .

To determine a roadmap from the 2014 tax increase in your town, click this . Ugly.

I'm not a house tax protest expert. Only a homeowner who thinks the computerized tax checks on my small home value will always be off-base. I’ve found probably the most useful information in protesting my taxes was speaking to buddies by what has labored on their behalf.

Desired to make use of this blog publish like a forum to talk about my (non legal counsel) encounters, and request that you should add any practical, useful advice you have within the comments below.

I figure we want all of the help we are able to have this year.

Practical assistance to win your home tax protest.

First some fundamentals.

1. File your protest.

Among the list of things which you may forget, this is often an costly one. You should use the HCAD web site to file it, which means you have no idea require a stamp. This can be a particularly significant year never to forget this given the increase in values.

Fighting HCAD AppraisalsIt isn't enough simply to file your protest. You have to remember to appear towards the hearing too unless of course you receive a i-Settle resolution. This really is apparent but is really a discomfort to complete each year to state exactly the same factor to obtain the same result.

2. In the event you get specialist help to protest?

Personally, no. Easy that i can say since the lawyer factor.

However, many individuals have good results without getting tax agent help. A minumum of one study indicates . For residential qualities 41% better.

Can you explain that so?

Tax agent companies might suggest they generally have harder cases than those who seem like they are able to protest it by themselves.

Possibly it's a few motivation and familiarity. A house owner is extremely motivated to lower their tax valuation. They are able to focus their time on just one property, and knows its problems much better than anybody.

I shouldn't pay anybody for stuff that I’m able to do myself and sure fare better. Obtain that view regarding restaurant food too, and that's why I frequently order the seafood and skip things simpler to prepare in your own home.

Texas ProTax - Houston Real Estate Radio - Todd Thomas
Texas ProTax - Houston Real Estate Radio - Todd Thomas
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Property Tax Appeal
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