Medical Management Consulting

April 26, 2016
Andrea K

Physician practices face an extensive selection of challenges moving the problems and possibilities from inside the business and from an growing complex healthcare system. The scope of those challenges requires expertise across such diverse areas as financial management, third-party contracts, organization and governance, benefits planning yet others.

Health care Administrative Partners (HAP) supplies a comprehensive offering of practice assessment, talking to services, and medical practice management. We will help you arrange for future growth, identify revenue possibilities and improve the conclusion. Our Medical Practice Management Consultants will review and provide strategies for operational or infrastructure enhancements to assist position your practice for future success.
Our consultants are for sale to projects or on the lengthy-term basis.

What We Should Offer

Our services include, but aren't restricted to:

  • Proper Planning (Business Planning, Feasibility Studies, Tax Planning, Mergers and Purchases)
  • Operational Checks (Revenue Management and Optimisation, Documentation and Coding Checks, Staffing)
  • Practice Start-Up Services (Organization and Governance, Benefits Planning, Credentialing)

Medical Practice Management Services

HAP provides ongoing practice management services for doctors trying to enhance the efficiency or effectiveness of the financial or administrative procedures. We'll do an assessment, use you to definitely establish objectives and create a intend to implement the advice.

As needed on the lengthy-term or interim basis, HAP delivers all the administrative and financial support that's needed to operate and manage your practice. The breadth and depth in our medical practice management experience supplies a comprehensive method of running the rear office services of the business. Our knowledge of the billing continuum and exercise procedures enables us to provide a complete complement of physician practice management solutions. With these services, we enable practices to produce efficiencies that may lower your labor costs and overhead. Our approach delivers significant main point here savings.

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