Nutrition Consulting Jobs

April 26, 2015
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Fitness and nutrition consultants help clients adopt a healthy lifestyle.Fitness and diet consultants help clients adopt the kitchen connoisseur.

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While it's almost common knowledge the significance of good fitness and diet habits, many fight to achieve them by themselves. To assist individuals their quest for the kitchen connoisseur, fitness and diet consultants offer practical advice, fitness plans and dietary methods. Fitness and diet consultants use clients of any age, social skills and fitness levels. The task description of the fitness and diet consultant includes several primary responsibilities.

Education and Experience

The amount of education and experience required by an exercise and dietary consultant varies with respect to the condition in which the consultant will practice. Some states require consultants to acquire a license or register using the condition, while some only need the consultant to possess certification in diet or fitness talking to. Most fitness and dietary consultants have a minimum of a bachelor's degree inside a related area. Certification and certification typically require a minimum of an undergraduate degree, with a few certification and certification programs needing a masters degree or greater.

Work Setting

A variety of kinds of organizations employ fitness and diet consultants, including medical centers, fitness gyms and government organizations. An exercise and diet consultant may also work individually by starting their own business. Other organizations that employ fitness and dietary consultants include weight reduction centers, companies that provide their workers wellness programs, diet and wellness stores and non-profit wellness groups.

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Job Responsibilities

Fitness and diet consultants mix concepts of both fitness and diet when helping clients. For that diet portion, the consultant reviews a client's current eating routine and wellness goals, for example slimming down, dealing with an illness or stopping health issues. The consultant then puts together meals plan and trains the customer on proper diet and selecting meals which help treat and stop certain illnesses and types of conditions the customer might have. Around the fitness side, an advisor produces a good work out plan that mixes cardiovascular, strength and versatility, with respect to the client's needs. The consultant also shows the customer what meals to consume pre and post a good work out.


Certification isn't needed to operate like a fitness and diet consultant, however it does provide the consultant authenticity within the area and extra educational possibilities through ongoing education and certification classes. Certification originates from industry associations like the American Association of Dietary Consultants and also the American Fitness Professionals and Affiliates. Generating an accreditation typically involves going for a certification course, having to pay a charge and passing an accreditation exam.

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