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May 23, 2015
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Adams Financial Consulting Services - Bank Consultant TurnaroundsCMKS101571 - Bank Consultant
Two "seasoned" bankers having a combined six decades within the banking industry. Both of them are former bank Presidents who're familiar with bank management and credit administration. Past banking experience includes lending, credit analysis / review, problem loan workout and general bank management to title a couple of. The help provided are:

  • loan review
  • portfolio analysis
  • belittled resource management
  • problem loan workout
  • regulating exam readiness
  • troubled bank assistance
  • branch bank acquisition
  • temporary bank management services

CMPA16758 - Bank Change Consultant
This consultant is an expert in aiding financial services companies manage significant business transitions including:

  • Controlling and restructuring troubled companies
  • Integrating purchases
  • Developing and performing business methods,
  • Applying business process change,
  • Beginning new endeavors including p novo banks, and
  • Aiding Boards of Company directors measure the performance of the companies.

CMWI10706 - Bank Management Consultant
An advisor with broad based background within the banking industry, including becoming a financial institution Leader, along with 12 years like a Business and Management consultant, brings a distinctive mixture of experience that may benefit your business. They address your issues from various "hands-on" perspectives, always striving to satisfy your long-term objectives and goals. Services can be found on the temporary basis. Areas where we offer the finest value include:

  • Commercial Loan Credit Analysis and Training
  • Credit Policy Development
  • Credit Administration
  • Credit/Loan Review
  • Executive Training
  • Interim Bank Management Projects
  • Loan Workout routines
  • Proper Planning
  • Turnarounds

ACMN77738 - Interim Chief Financial Officer and Mortgage Consultant
This consultant has more than 30 experience in the loan industry. He is a Chief Financial Officer of the mortgage bank as well as an assistant controller and treasurer for any large commercial bank. Within the last ten years, he is a consultant to organizations that require guidance.

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