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July 16, 2016
At heart, Hernandez Consulting

New Orleans office.jpgWith Terracon's offices within the surrounding geographic regions of New Orleans and our years of work there for various clients that commanded our degree of service, we decided to open a brand new office within the New Orleans metropolitan area this year. The region needed a nationwide firm that introduced quality and repair towards the construction and designs industry, specifically in this time around of enormous repairing and infrastructure improvement. We initially started our procedures by supplying construction materials engineering and testing on projects that turned from your national clientele, governmental abilities, and native firms. We've built solid associations with local designers, designers, and companies to facilitate the development of the complete office.Bastian-Mitchell Hangar We presently offer geotechnical, environment, construction materials engineering and testing, and facilities services.

Bastian-Mitchell HangarGeolocation: ,

Terracon provided pile logging services throughout installing of the timber piles for the generator pad, and also the hangar, including supplying reviews of blow counts towards the design team around the following morning. Additionally, we provided reinforcing steel inspection from the pile caps, grade beams, and floor foundations. Concrete testing of those structures seemed to be carried out, too for streets round the hangar. Soil moisture/density testing of pavement sub grade soils seemed to be carried out.

Terracon preformed soil and bedrock testing before the installation of a new levee access bridge.LPV 104.02 London Avenue LPV 105.01 Lakefront Airport terminal T- Walls LPV 07c.2 St. Rose Drainage and Levee Phase IIGeolocation: ,
Terracon was contracted by Quality Enterprise USA, Corporation. for 3 important ton control projects directed through the U . s . States Military Corps of Engineers (USACE). The LPV 104.02 London Avenue Project is built to provide hurricane protection and storm proofing for that existing Seabrook Bridge and surrounding areas from storm surge flow from Lake Pontchartrain. The testing incorporated vibration monitoring, soil density testing, and concrete testing connected with construction of recent T-Walls. Terracon completed full-time vibration monitoring throughout demolition of existing structures, driving…
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