OSHA Compliance Consultants

February 13, 2015
2015 OSHA Inspections

HP2-8-1-OSHA-AuditOSHA assessments could be nerve-racking encounters for every prepared companies.

OECS consultants provide valuable OSHA assistance throughout an OSHA compliance inspection. Our consultants is going to be present throughout the first walk-through and function your “onsite advocate” to reply to the OSHA inspector’s questions which help show you with the inspection process.

We're there from beginning to end – from the moment OSHA turns up on-site towards the closing conference.

On-Site Support

OSHA reaches you: “I’m from OSHA I wish to talk to the dog owner or part of Charge!” What must i do? We offer “real time” onsite assistance when an OSHA Compliance Officer reaches you step give us a call and we'll exist for the regular clients to assist provide OSHA assistance.


We received our citations. How can we know whether or not they are legitimate? Our professional safety staff will assess the citations to find out if they've merit.

Informal Proceedings

Many citations have been in the gray area. How do you fight the citations? Our experienced staff will have fun playing the informal conference to abate the citation, lessen the importance and/or reduce the quantity of the dollar penalty.

On-Site OSHA Consultation Visits

Would you question if you're in compliance or what lengths you're from compliance? Would you like to understand how you'd “weather” an OSHA audit. A lot of companies use our OSHA Audit Plan to see where they're from the compliance perspective. There's a saying, “Better to resolve the issue inside the family than having to get it done from an outsider!” We Simplify Safety Compliance by supplying a private objective overview of the whole company procedures varying from determining physical hazards to looking at written programs to determine associated with a industrial hygiene compliance issues.

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osha compliance services
osha compliance services
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