HIPAA Compliance Consulting

May 11, 2016
HIPAA Compliance Consulting

hipaa complianceHIPAA Compliance in health care has assumed greater importance because the passage from the HITECH Act of 2009, and also the rules applying the HIPAA provisions from the Act. Consequently, health care organizations want to get serious integrating these rules to their procedures.

Growth of HIPAA rules

The initial HIPAA rules were released in 2000 and laid the building blocks for any national group of needs to guard the:

  • Discretion
  • Integrity and
  • Accessibility to individually identifiable health information.

Through the years, these HIPAA rules happen to be modified and broadened, most lately to pay for ePHI (protected health information maintained and sent digitally), and also to specify needs for notifying patients in case of an unauthorized disclosure or breach of security.

Health care organizations and medical practices worried about HIPAA Compliance now face a extended listing of needs. Only a couple of of those include:

  • Telling patients about privacy practices
  • Acquiring patient medical records – both paper and electronic
  • Performing a danger assessment from the discretion, integrity and accessibility to ePHI held through the organization
  • Upgrading Business Connect Contracts with suppliers yet others with whom PHI is revealed
  • Developing guidelines for breaches and notification to patients and also the media

HIPAA Compliance … and Penalties for violations

HIPAA covered organizations might be susceptible to steep penalties for breaking these rules. For general penalties they vary from …

  • No less than $10Thousand for every breach
  • No more than $25Thousand for every breach
  • Wrongful disclosure of ePHI may include an optimum fine of $50Thousand and jail time of a maximum of twelve months.

HIPAA Compliance Consultants

People from the Fox Group have given services as health care compliance consultants since prior to the first HIPAA rules were released over about ten years ago. The Fox Group is distinctively capable of assist medical practices along with other health care organizations within their mission to satisfy these very specific rules and also to achieve HIPAA compliance.

A sampling in our services include:

  • Finishing a covering both privacy rule and security rule.
  • Development and implementation of HIPAA compliance program guidelines and methods.
  • Provide staff training on their own role in HIPAA and adherence to HIPAA law and related employer guidelines and methods.
Source: www.foxgrp.com
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