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July 31, 2016
Bank Consulting Firm
Compliance Services

Phone/Fax/E-mail Consultation

For your compliance questions, call our toll-free hotline, fax documents for review or e-mail our office. Our compliance experts will quickly respond. This can be a paid service.

Personalized Training

In the last couple years, the banking industry continues to be inundated with regulating changes. Training is much more important now than ever before all while budgets appear to become diminishing. Banker's Compliance Talking to includes a solution and is able to advise you regarding the personalized training you'll need.

BCC Forum

Are you currently battling to remain on top of all of the regulating changes? Do you want to know on which areas investigators are focusing? Since solutions are our niche we're excited to announce another service to help you - the BCC Forum.

Telephone Conferences

Teleconferences are for sale to you simply by calling our toll-free hotline to plan a time and date and among our consultants on the selection of subject(s). The amount of bank personnel you want to involve for questions and /or training reaches your discretion.


Stay alongside of ever-altering compliance rules! Banker’s Compliance Talking to conducts annual Advanced Compliance Lending and Deposit Procedures Workshops for banking institutions. We conduct full-day and half-day workshops all year round to help keep you current on new rules and changes to current rules. Click the link to see and sign up for our approaching workshops.

Additional Services:

  • Personalized Retainer Packages
  • Examination Preparation
  • Compliance Assistance on Mergers
  • Internal Monitoring Recommendations
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Retail Banking Training
  • Teleconferences
  • In-Depth Compliance Workshops
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