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December 22, 2016
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Todoist consulting firmBy Alejandro Aguilar

I operate a business talking to firm in Downtown Miami, Florida. Knowing Miami, I do not need to explain the cultural mix lower here.. but when you do not, allow me to place it by doing this: whenever you mix a lot of Latin cultures plus a pinch from the American way, you receive many people finding out how to overcome marketplaces as quickly as possible. What this means is lots of conferences and lots of to-dos.

Today there exists a problem: you will find a lot of mobile phones, a lot of mobile applications, a lot of web applications, diet program everything. It’s too frequently that the particular email slips with the Mailbox mountain and, eventually, there is a crisis because something didn’t have completed.

As Boss of the small firm, I needed to assume the job to find a method to ditch email like a task management tool. Yes, email is able to create tasks, but a minimum of within my situation, exactly the same atmosphere doesn’t allow it to be appealing. People learn about which include plus they still carry pen and paper everywhere, so, something is less than immediately. I desired something to substitute pen and paper without altering the essence from it.

I Then found Todoist.

Things I like about Todoist

  • It’s incredibly simple, yet effective
  • It combines the pen and paper function with key project management software tools
  • The opportunity to create multiple projects and share all of them with the folks involved
  • The daily digest– it’s the secretary people need
  • A myriad of other task-related functions: comments, schedule, re-schedule, tags, memory joggers, priority and sub-tasks
  • Files accessories, Dropbox integration
  • Real-time sync and multi-platform

The Way We use Todoist

I personally use Todoist like a tool for Projects and Channels (sorry men at Todoist, this last is my very own invention). Projects are closed-finish and Channels are open-finish. Channels are produced exactly the same way, however with people’s names. Remember, you will not look for a Channels button, it’s just like Projects (I simply provide them with this title to explain its use).

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